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                                                                     IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN! 
                                                                           STORM AREA 51 2.0
                                                                         OCTOBER 22-23, 2021
                                                          ALIEN RESEARCH CENTER, HIKO NEVADA
Created by a sardonic Facebook posting on June 27th, 2019, by a kid who lived in his mother’s basement in Bakersfield California, the meme “Storm Area 51” has become a pilgrimage for believers in search of extraterrestrial life.

In the original post more that 2 million people responded “going” while 1.5 million people responded “interested” in the end according to Keith Wright the organizer of the Area 51 Basecamp, located at the Alien Research Center, around 7,500 people made it out for the weekend’s event.

What cause all the commotion? An interview on the podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience with Bob Lazar and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, Lazar a scientist and former employee of Area 51and believer in alien technology has claimed that he worked at “Sector Four (S-4)” said to be located underground at Area 51, where the government housed an alien spacecraft. Lazar’s claim was verified by another former employee of Area 51, a 71-year-old mechanical engineer who in the 1950’s worked on a “flying disc” from a crashed extraterrestrial craft. Lazar’s claim to have reversed engineered a saucer type aircraft for the government while working on Area 51 has gained much creditability among ufologist worldwide in recent years since the CIA declassified documents related to Area 51 and recognized its existence in 2013. 

Journalist George Knapp for years has chronicled the events surrounding Area 51 and government cover-ups, and broke Lazar’s original story in 1989. Knapp an award-winning journalist has always been intrigued by the lore of Area 51 and is considered one of the foremost experts on the base. He and Jeremy Corbell were key figures in covering the phenomenon of Storm Area 51.

This year’s event will be filled with a series of symposiums, bands, food trucks and fun for the weekend. So, if you’re in search of extraterrestrial life, to find the truth of government cover-ups that may be concealed inside Area 51, join us at Basecamp Area 51 at the Alien Research Center on October 22nd 23rd, 2021.

Area 51 was completed in January 1955 and is the most classified military facility on the planet, known by many names from Dreamland, Groom Lake and Homey Airport. The facility has been continually administered by the (CIA) Central Intelligence Agency and operated by Edwards Air Force Base, intense secrecy has made it the subject UFO folklore, regarding the presence of extraterrestrials being housed at the site along with the possibility of (3) spacecraft being reverse engineered.
Storm Area 51 2.o is for the curious, the believers and the whole family, an adventure to discover the truth two days of fun, learning and stargazing, so don’t miss out. A few things to remember, bring plenty of water, wear the correct clothing, check your car’s tires, and fill your tank with gas!

Come and enjoy, food, bands and discover what UFOlogy is all about. 
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