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Looking for an adventure this weekend?


The Alien Research Center is the perfect location for Stargarzing. What is Stargazing? It's an incredible hobby, where you take the time to learn more about the universe. You would think that stargazing solely entails looking at the night sky and the stars, however this hobby, which is also known as amateur astronomy, is where you can enjoy looking at the celestial objects in the sky by simply using the naked eye, binoculars, or telescopes, with any luck maybe you can encounter the like of a extraterrestrial  aircraft.


Have you ever seen the Big Dipper along with millions of stars? In the parking lot of the Alien Research Center all you have to do is look up and WOW! You’ll be hooked on Stargazing forever.


The best viewing?  Get away from the bright lights of Las Vegas and take the short drive to the Alien Research Center, the gateway to Area-51. Pack up the kids a night picnic basket and your camera and join us at one of the most beautiful places to Stargaze in the world. 


You’ll want to get out of the city around 10am, you’ll arrive at the Alien Research Center about noon, check out the store and the surrounding area, visit the back gate to Area 51 and then set the family up at our 2 ½ acre parking lot 30 minutes before sunset and then look to the northwestern horizon and as the sun sets, you’ll be able to see the entire universe and it's a sight to see.

This is a once in a lifetime event…Don’t miss it.

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