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 Welcome to Little Green Men 

Aliens? UFO? Are they really out there?

Located in Central Nevada 20 miles from the world's most secret military base. Many believe it's home to the survivors of the Roswell spacecraft crash. The question is, what are all those strange lights and saucer-shaped aircraft that are seen floating above the ground in Area 51? They're surely not of this earth. Former U.S. Air Force officials claim that these flying objects are simply "prototype secret aircraft." Area 51 is so secret that to this day the military refuses to acknowledge its existence. Why? Is the U.S. Government holding the surviving aliens from the Roswell crash? Was it these aliens who gave us the technology for the F-17 Stealth Fighter, the U2 and SR-71 spy planes? Or are they hiding the government's attempt to rebuild and fly those crashed alien spacecraft?


The natural landscape surrounding Area 51 provides food for fantasy. A light glittering off a shiny rock on the desert floor could be a beacon to the mothership to warn of approaching interlopers. While driving the dirt road to the back gate of Area 51, one could imagine the Joshua trees with arms reaching to the sky, as aliens on the march. 

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